Manufacturing Capabilities


Brawler has over 35 years of experience manufacturing a wide variety of geomembranes and geotextiles in all shapes and sizes. We also provide full certification, traceability and complete document retention for every product we manufacture.

Blown Film Extrusion (SuperGeo)

  • Co-extruded multi-layer film up to 22′ wide
  • Nitrogen-injection texturing (single- or double-sided)
  • Thicknesses from 12 mil up to 60 mil
  • Custom thicknesses

Cast Extrusion (SuperScrim)

  • Multi-layer reinforced film up to 142″ wide
  • Polyester scrim-reinforced film
  • Single-sided texturing
  • Thicknesses from 25 mil to 60 mil
  • Custom thicknesses and colors
  • Extrusion lamination

Film Lamination (SuperScrim)

  • 4-layer lamination
  • Tri-directional polyester scrim
  • Thickness of 6 mil to 30 mil
  • Width of 74″
  • Multiple colors

Custom Fabrication

  • Large one-piece panels
  • Custom shapes and sizes